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Spill Proof, Bull Proof, Portable, Durable, Economical

Advantages of the AmeriAg Mineral Feeder

Spill Proof – Stop pouring money on the ground. The weight and friction of the tire combined with the durability of the polyethylene feeder make it virtually impossible to be turned over by livestock. Including mature bulls. Minerals are expensive yet essential to livestock nutrition and performance. Especially if supplemented with medications and or insecticides. Don’t let mineral waste increase your cost.

Portable – The AmeriAg feeder is the most portable feeder on the market. Rotational Grazing, also known as (MIG) Management Intensive Grazing, as well as Mob and Holistic Grazing require frequent movement of livestock. The feeder can be moved effortlessly with an ATV, Truck or Tractor. Simply hook a chain to the galvanized eye bolt (included) and drag the feeder from one pasture / paddock to another. Frequent feeder movement also prevents pasture damage during wet weather. The stability of tire prevents turn over when dragging.

Economical - The AmeriAg Mineral Feeder is priced competitively and in most cases less than feeders that will not last anywhere near as long.

Long Life – With the exception of the galvanized metal eye bolt there are no metal parts. The one-piece design of the feeder provides strength and durability. There are no parts to rust, rot or break, making it virtually maintenance free. Possibly the last mineral feeder you will ever buy.

High Capacity – The AmeriAg Feeder can hold up to 250 lbs. of mineral. Beneficial and economical for producers with large herds as it lengthens time between refills.

Color – The hunter green or black color of the feeder serves two purposes. First, built in ultra violent inhibitors prevent damage from the sun. Second, it blends in well with the surrounding landscape.

Environmentally Friendly – When used in conjunction with a used 24.5" rim size tire, it prevents a tire from entering our landfills.

Versatile – Use for all types of livestock; cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and alpacas.

Warranty – Full 3 year replacement warranty.


Tired of this?

Or this?

Livestock are Tough. Is your feeder?

Make the switch to a feeder that actually works and lasts.

Can be used by mature bulls.  Try this with your typical feeder.

Easy to Move NOTE: Not intended to be used, or dragged,

on concrete, asphalt or other paved surfaces

Can be used with insecticides

24.5" side walls work great for sheep or goats

Assembly Directions

Step 1 - Obtain used 24.5" rim sized (tractor trailer) tire. Used tires should be available for free or little charge from tire dealers. Condition does not matter just ensure there is no visible steel belting.

Step 2

Install galvanized eyebolt with washer and nut on

inside of tire.

Note: Requires a sharp bit.
- Drill 1/2" hole into center of tread side of tire as shown and

Step 3 - Drill 1/2" drain holes approximately 3" apart into the side-wall of the tire (side that will lie on ground). This will allow water to drain.

Step 4 use. - Turn tire on edge and insert top of feeder into hole in the center of tire. Flange on bottom will prevent feeder from passing through tire. Lay tire and inserted feeder on ground ready to