Below are pictures, testimonies and feedback on our products.

A1 Land and Cattle Company - Tony Tolar Muenster Texas.  Excellent Red Angus Genetics.

We have used AmeriAg mineral feeders for 3 years on approximately 1,000 bulls a year. During that time only 1 turnover. Thanks for the great feeders. James Burks - 44 Farms - Cameron, TX

Does an excellent job in keeping rain out.  Lyle Kemp - Kemp Farms - Elizabeth, WV

The only mineral feeder I have ever seen young calves using.  No turnovers even in groups of yearling and mature bulls.  Randall Smith - Smith Angus Farms - Snow Camp, NC

Cut my minerals and salt bill by 40%.  Scott Wadsworth - St. Ignatius, MT

No turn overs even in groups of mature bulls. Calves prefer to use them over flap feeders. Keeps water out.  Jim Houston - Woodbine, Iowa

High capacity means less frequent refills. Extremely durable.  David Lassiter - Lassiter Farms - Liberty, NC

The Ameriag mineral feeder works great.  We have them in all of our pastures and all of our replacement heifers and milk cows use them.  The best part about the feeder is that the minerals are always clean and dry.  Mike Moretti - Morretti Dairy Farms - Sonoma, CA

The feeders work great.  I put one in with six mature bulls over 2000 pounds each, they did not tip it over.  Ron McKenzie - Altamont, KS

Minerals totally dry in blowing rain and snow.  Easily pays for itself in eliminating wasted mineral.  Bruce Empey - Empey Ranch - Firth, Idaho