Usage Recommendations & Liability

When used properly, AmeriAg Mineral Feeders should offer years of worry free use.  Below are guidelines and user recommendations, as well as our Statement of Liability.


  •      Not intended to be used with horned cattle.

  •      Recommend 1 feeder per 30 – 35 head of cattle.

  •      Not to be used for feed, protein or high consumption supplements.

  •      Scrap Semi / Tractor Trailer tires are heavy.  Please ensure adequate assistance when lifting tire over and on top

          of  feeder.  Rather than lifting tire over feeder, typically it is easier to turn tire on edge and slide feeder into tire

          with opening facing upward.

  •      Not intended for limit feeding mineral.

  •      Do not leave empty feeders in pastures with cattle.

  •      Move feeders closer to water / loafing areas for increased consumption.  Move feeders away from water / loafing

          areas for decreased consumption.

  •      Not intended for mineral starved cattle.

  •      Not intended for use as a creep feeder or feed trough.

  •      When using Fly Bullets / other forms of fly control, follow manufacturer dosage and safety handling


  •      Use only 24.5 rim size tractor trailer / semi tire on 24.5 model.

  •      Use only 22.5 rim size tractor trailer / semi tire on 22.5 model.

  •      When using fly bullets for fly control, a lot of producers use 2 sets of bullets per feeder.  Fly bullets can be easily

          attached by installing two ¼ eyebolts on the outer edge of the overhang. Then using either chain links or D snap

          rings, attaching the metal ring of the fly bullet to the eyebolt installed in the feeder.  Rather than taking insecticide

          treatment to pasture and recharging at feeder, a lot of producers chose to carry another set of bullets in a bucket

          already charged and swap the fly bullets out.  This prevents the hassle of carrying insecticide to the feeder.

  •      Not to be dragged across pavement or concrete.

  •      To prevent injury to person or livestock do not use scrap tires with steel belting showing.



Customer assumes all liabilities including consequential and incidental damages incurred in the use of these products. AmeriAg, LLC, its dealers or vendors will assume no liability for any personal or livestock injury or death from the use of products sold by the company.  AmeriAg, LLC will assume no liability for property damages, injury or death attributed to actions of the delivering carrier.